Improve Your Mortgage Acquisition and Renewal Rate

Get a head start on mortgages this Spring with DIGITALREACH™ 

Mortgage season is sneaking up on us yet again. Are you ready to meet your numbers? Save money while securing your existing mortgage accounts and improving the overall customer experience with one easy-to-use platform. Here are some effective tactics to get the jump on mortgage season with automated and personalized communications.

  • Save money while being proactive with customers who’s mortgage are up for renewal
  • Automate the first communication to coincide with the renewal date (120 prior) directly in the DigitalREACH™ platform
  • Send a Follow-up email with your best rate offer and links to mortgage calculator
  • Remind customers how much they paid down, what’s left owing, and tricks to pay it down faster
  • And, provide a link to your standard posted rate as a comparison to the renewal rate

Automate your first renewal reminder

Your best strategy is to get your customers to renew before they begin considering other options. Schedule your first automated renewal reminder to go out approximately four months (120 days) ahead of the customer’s renewal date, before they’ve even started thinking about it. With a digital content management system, this can not only automated, it’s personalized to each and every customer’s unique situation.

Sending this early reminder is also a great reason to get your customer’s eyes on your brand. They probably haven’t even thought about renewing their mortgage yet, so you’re providing a value-added service.  Why not include a leading edge customer experience – you’re sure to renew and attract a larger number of accounts.

Use a mortgage calculator to showcase the value

Your clients don’t really want to go through the effort of shopping around. Give them a good reason to stay, and they’ll likely take it. Follow-up on your initial communications with a second email, within one or two weeks, showcasing your best rate offer. Make it look good and let them know it’s a special reward for their loyalty.

The clincher is not just telling them your rate, but showing them just how much further along they are in paying down their mortgage. You can easily do that by sharing a link to a responsive-designed mortgage calculator [LINK to BR example] with the email. The calculator display sgraphs and visuals in big bold numbers, proactively answering questions about how your best rate plays out over the term of their mortgage.

Interactive content like this makes for a great  customer experience, enhancing your “sticky” factor simply because it’s personalized and more interesting than a static, boring landing page.

Make your offer easy to compare

Let them know they’re getting your special renewal rate as a reward for being your customer.
Compare against your posted rate directly in your emails, so they can easily compare their renewal rate (and see why it’s good to stay with your financial institution.

Provide a personalized mortgage progress report

Your emails can also include a personalized mortgage progress report. Congratulate them on how much they’ve already paid down. Let them know how far they have to go. Give them tips and tricks to help them pay it down faster. Personalization is surprisingly easy to execute and seamlessly delivered with a content management platform like DIGITALREACH™ 

All these tactics can help save money with the economies of scale that come from using a content management platform with personalization capabilities, and by keeping your mortgage clients safely in the fold, before their minds begin to wonder if there’s a better rate elsewhere.

Get automated and personal with DIGITALREACH™ this mortgage season, and talk to BLUERUSH about the power of mortgage calculators. We may have one already that would suit your needs. Connect with us at 

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